12 Lucrative Startups Introverts Can Make Money In


12 Lucrative Startups Introverts Can Make Money In From the Comfort Of Their Home

Introverts can be very successful in business startups because of their powerful opinions and productive thinking. The media often portrays introverts as being socially-awkward or shy, but the reality is that these kinds of folks make wonderfully amazing entrepreneurs and business leaders – think Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. That’s right! The two most well-known tech men are actually introverts.

According to Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking author Susan Cain, nearly one-third of all Americans are regarded as being introverts. She said introverts would rather work on ideas that can lead to startups rather than partying, talking and hanging out. Cain said they’d rather work on their own than in teams to create potentially successful startups.


What Are Some Worthwhile Startups You Can Consider Even As An Introvert

Tech Services

Graphic Designer

The startups for this area of tech have an initial cost of $1,000, and typically just need design software and computer.

Introverts that are visual and very creative can make a living as a freelance graphic designer. The need for graphic designers is high because there’s been a steady increase in digital companies.

Graphic designer Jacob Cass began his Just Creative design company in 2012. Using visual communications like websites, logos and other marketing materials have allowed him to use his startup company to address his clients’ problems.

Cass said he taught himself web design by learning the software. He said it was important to learn design principles and clients’ needs.  When Cass was getting his startup going, he registered with as a sole proprietorship with the government. After that, he started contacting clients.  Besides the usual costs for startups, he had to get software like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.


It’s not uncommon for coder startups to need around $1,000 to get off the ground. Introverts are well-known for being thorough, patient and focused, which makes them successful coders.  The coding field is a rather niche set, which means there’s always a demand for coders. Freelance coders can easily work in the comfort of their home.

People focused on coding startups can check out the array of free resources such as Udemy and Code Academy to self-teach.  They can also take advantage of the six-to-12 week training sessions and in-class course, which can cost up to $3,500.

This is what one coder did.

Yin Mei was able to start up her business by taking the 12-week General Assembly Bootcamp. She attained the skills she need to be a front-end developer, which is the part of the website that lets you see and interact with the site aesthetics (think buttons, contact forms, drop-down menus, fonts, etc.)

Coders also need to know about the basics of CSS, HTML and JavaScript along with ReactJC and Angular JS.

The back-end development is in reference to the server-side, which is something you don’t see. The back-end ensures the site works and makes the necessary changes to the front-end. If you want to focus on the back-end development, you want to look at the main languages – Java, Python and Scala.


Online Retail Cosigner

There are many online retailer cosigner startups, which were created out of passion or out of a need for just too much of anything. If you’ve been hoarding things in your basement or closet, why not start an online retail company for as little as $1,000. You just need a computer, Internet connection and digital camera.

For introverts with a lot of stuff, this could be a great way to earn some extra cash using any of the various online platforms like ThredUp, Tradesy and The RealReal.

For example, Linda Lightman has been selling on eBay for about 15 years. She’s established her Linda’s Stuff company and currently earns around $25 million on an annual basis. She started the career by selling old video games her son had. It wasn’t long before she was selling items in the closet and then for friends.

Lightman’s passion led to a business that now has 20 employees in a 5,000-square foot space.

For these kinds of startups to be successful, you need to choose a good User ID for the shop, post high-quality articles and write up in-depth descriptions of the products you are trying to sell. You also want to provide customers with great customer service.

It won’t be long before you get the hang of it and start to selling for family and friends too.


Instagram Consultant

As an Instagram consultant, you just need a smartphone and digital camera. The startup cost for this kind of business runs between $100 and $500.

Social media isn’t always meaning social. In fact, many of today’s company – startups and established – have foregone the traditional marketing route for social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram to showcase their products/services. While some companies are well-known for using these services, others are not so much.  Therefore, hiring an Instagram consultant is one of the best things for an inexperienced company can do.

Emlina Spinelli is an Instagram consultant who has built and maintained a large Instagram following. She’s quite passionate about photography app and offers resources for other people to learn. She recently surpassed 500 million users.

So, if you have a passion for Instagram and understand general marketing, this may be an ideal startup company for you. You can make money either by charging per hour or per project; the choice is yours. You’ll need to do some marketing to promote your services, do some guest blogging on other sites and using social media channels like Instagram to establish your fan base.

Your startup cost could run you practically nothing at all.


Writing Services


You don’t have to go to college to learn how to write a compelling article. If you have the determination and patience as well as a computer, you can become a freelance writer. Introverts are wonderful writers, but it’s also helpful to do some marketing and networking to pick projects up

Megan Hill has been working as a freelance copywriter for roughly 10 years, writing for such publications like Forbes Travel Guide and Upscale Living Magazine.

Again, you don’t have to have a higher education, but you do need the passion to make it happen. According to Hill, a writer needs to be both organized and focused, taking things as they come. She said the costs for a writing career is practically negligible.


Online Blogger

If you have a vested interest in something, why not earn a little cash from it? Many owners of blog startups have done quite well in the field.

For instance, Joel Widmer is the blogger of Fluxe Digital Marketing, and he said that writing, copywriting, editing and marketing are the hallmarks of a good blogger. He said some content marketing skills a person should have includes understanding how to write creative content that captures the attention of readers and helps meet the goals of clients. If a writer has some knowledge of Google Analytics, they can go even further.

The only two things a person needs to have a startup blog is a decent computer and Internet connection. There are many free and paid platforms that you can use that will build your blog. Just add bio information and describe your blog. After that, you can start writing.

In order to establish a good client list, introverts should first blog for other people and businesses for free. Once connections have been made, which often happens with introverts, then the networks grow, and money can be made.


Technical Writer

Introverts with a deep knowledge of all things technical and technology can make really good money as technical writers. Technical writer Amy Winkler set up Alva Consulting, Inc. in 1999, and she often spends her time writing FAQ, online help guides, software user guides, etc.

According to Winkler, an introvert who is organized and has no problems interviewing experts on the subject can create a startup company for themselves. You don’t need a particular academic degree to become a technical writer.  In fact, many freelance technical writers have been sought out by various Fortune 500 companies as well as technology startups that will pay top dollar for the content.


Fashion and The Arts

Landscape Photographer

Introverts that can access a high-quality digital camera and love taking pictures can make big dollars with a startup landscape photography company. People running landscape photography startups need to have a good eye for detail and be focused – already traits that introverts tend to have.

There are all kinds of opportunities for landscape photographers, and much learning they can do. A photographer can earn money in all kinds of ways such as taking pictures for publications or websites, selling usage rights to pictures or teaching ambitious photographers the skills you have been taught or learned yourself.

Jason Benjamin is a wedding and fashion photographer. His startup company – Wedding Headline – has been in business for four years. He uses social media to market his services, which is a wonderful way to build your client list.

According to Benjamin, everybody can be a photographer; they just need a sense of creativity. Benjamin said he taught himself the finer points of the field using YouTube, which has led to the success of his startup company.

Like other startups, he crafted a name and bought an LLC. While the equipment, he said, can be costly, there are ways to reduce the costs such as renting the studio space and equipment.


Music Teacher

Introverts who love music can spend their time teaching the craft to young minds and make a little money too.

Kaila McIntyre-Bader did exactly this. She attained her bachelor’s degree in music and decided to not only work in the classroom but offer private lessons to. She offered both flute and voice lessons at music School Red House Studios in California.

If you want your startup to be successful as a music teacher, you need to be both creative and be able to teach. Introverts use personal knowledge to assist people, helping them to establish one-on-one relationships. They often ask about their students’ goals to ensure they meet them.

Most teachers already have the instruments and sheet music they need to begin their startup company. McIntyre-Bader said the cost for her startup was rather low. The cost is going to gas, driving to and from client’s homes. You can also bring your students to your home.


Consulting Services and Education
Life and Business Counselor

It’s well-known that introverts are great listeners. Wendy Gelberg is an author, who said introverts tend to be rather calm; thinking before acting in any situation. She said they tend to internalize things happening around them, listening to others. For that reason, introverts could begin counseling startups.

In 2009, life and business coach Val Nelson kick-started her startup by teaching people how they can succeed in both life and business. Nelson decided to use her introvert habits and traits to assist other people. She took a life-coaching class, which cost about $5,000. While there’s no reason to spend money for a piece of paper, the certification is there that you are indeed a life coach.

Nelson said the combination of both coaching training with business experience ensures counseling startups can be successful.  Best of all, many introvert life coaches can either talk with clients on the phone or through the Internet.


College Application Advisor

Most introverts would rather work on their own, forging a bond with their clients in a one-on-one kind of way.  Since introverts tend to offer some useful insight about future planning, they tend to make highly-respectable college application advisors.

Gael Casner, who owns startup company College Find, has worked as an independent educational consultant for more than 10 years. She has assisted students in looking at the various educational choices they have, developing college lists for them to look at and looking over their admissions essay.

Casner has worked closely with both parents and students, looking at the various colleges and universities along with the university trends. Casner said college application advisor startups could be successful if the owner learns about the students’ strengths and weaknesses, helping them to choose the right college for them.

If you’ve decided to become a college application advisor, it’s important to get in touch with several area schools to spread word about your services. Begin with an email, setting up a time to meet with some school principals and faculty members. By doing this, you can establish yourself as a credible source of information and establish partnerships with schools that can lead to referrals.


Online Tutor

If you’re an introvert who has dreamed of starting up an online tutoring business, all you need to make it happen is a good Internet connection and computer. As an online tutor, you can help people meet their goals such as helping middle school-aged children enhance their composition skills. You can also help college students with application essays.

If you specialize in a particular academic field, you can use them to teach students. Many online tutors use email, Skype or the phone to talk with their students.  You can charge anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour – depending on the needs of the student. Many standardized testing and SAT tutors will charge close to $150 per hour.  You can also suggest your clients take advantage of a package deal.


When You Need A Little Financial Help

Anybody that has an idea for a business may need a little funding to help them out. If you find yourself short on cash or don’t know where to turn, check out Unsecured Finances to learn how you can qualify for a startup business loan.  Don’t let you money ruin your chance of becoming a successful business owner.