Anticipating the “Remote” Future of Business

Remote work…actually works.  One positive many business owners and executives have taken away from the lockdowns is the realization that remote work is not an ugly solution to the effects of COVID-19 but the future of their businesses.  A Gartner, Inc. survey of 317 CFOs and Finance leaders in March 2020 (Gartner) revealed that 74% will move at least 5% of their previously on-site workforce to permanently remote positions post COVID-19.   Despite restrictions and stay at home orders being eased, or lifted entirely, around the country, remote business is the future; but before you hop on the latest trend, consider how transitioning fully, or partially, remote could affect your business.     

Why It Works: Before remote work was forced upon businesses, executives had little incentive to test how effective and beneficial it can actually be; today they are seeing the rewards.

Cost-Cutting- Business owners are now realizing remote work can be a solution to cutting overhead, as the need for office space is diminished.  Savings can also be seen as janitorial services are no longer needed. 

Staffing- Remote work offers a larger, and possibly cheaper, talent pool to recruit from as businesses are able to expand their searches to other areas outside their primary city.  

Technological Advances- Technology has come far enough that virtual meetings can function as effectively as those done face to face.  Today’s workforce is more computer-savvy than ever before and capable of completing work without the help of onsite IT support.

Quality of Life- Employees too are reaping the benefits from at home work; eliminating commutes to and from the office helps to reduce their stress levels and improve their quality of life. 

It’s Not All Roses: While there are significant benefits, it is not easy to transition your business to remote work for employees or managers.

Social- While Zoom meetings can replace face to face business meetings, they pale in comparison to the social interaction employees receive in a traditional office atmosphere.  For many working aged men and women, their circle of friends is developed at the office.  Remote work may hinder this and cause loneliness.  

Health- Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global, was concerned about the health repercussions for employees resulting from at home work in her CNBC @Work livestream event, Leadership & Management Amid Crisis.  Physical problems such as pains from working on a couch or weight gain as a result of being close to the refrigerator were noted by Huffington.  

Productivity- Aside from health concerns, productivity too can be difficult to maintain for employees who now are filled with increased distractions from home.  Business owners and executives must adapt to leading and motivating their teams from a remote position and employees must find ways to avoid distractions and remain productive.  

Start Dreaming Your Next Business Move

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