Essential Purchases for Business Owners: Security Systems

The right business security system has the power to catch criminals, suppress fires, and provide superior access control to the leaders of the company, but small business owners may believe that their organizations are manageable enough that they don’t need fancy gadgetry to keep track of what’s happening around the office. See why this is … Read more

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Staying Updated on Florida’s Economy & Unemployment

Maybe it’s the sun, the sand, the trees or just the overall dedication to finding ways to remotely run businesses and restructure the businesses that actually need a physical location open, but Floridian’s are determined to help their economy thrive in the safest and most innovative ways possible. As we are continuing to track everything … Read more

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Essential Purchases for a Small Business : Payroll Systems

Most recently, I worked for a small business whose owner purchased the company a little over a decade ago.  During his first few weeks evaluating the existing procedures in place he was shocked at their lackluster payroll system.  Even for the time, the time clock and payroll system were severely antiquated.  It was so bad … Read more

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Build Your Business Back up

Business owners across our nation are scraping the pieces back together and wondering the same question: How do you get back on your feet after all this chaos we’ve experienced this year? The first step is to have a plan – but that’s why you’re here now, isn’t it? Let’s talk through the system of … Read more

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Turn Your Covid-19 Innovations into a Viable Business

Quarantine has brought up some fantastic opportunities for many budding entrepreneurs to start creating structure for the dreams that have been occupying space in their minds. After the initial panic, many realized that they had been gifted this amazing opportunity to pour their newly freed time into creating viable plans for their visions. If you … Read more

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Prioritizing Your Finances as a Small Business

From small businesses to international corporations; everyone has had to reevaluate their companies finances and reestablish priorities.  “Cash is king” – the old saying is timeless for a reason and owners need to look at it first.  How much cash do you have access to?  How long could your business survive if revenue stopped coming … Read more

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Getting Back in the Hustle: Part 1

There is no feeling in the world like owning your own business. The autonomy is priceless, and your vision of the future is intoxicating. However, any entrepreneur is also familiar with that creeping hormonal trench you can dig yourself into when you are not used to time management or you hit a wall for the … Read more

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How to Boost Morale During A National Crisis

Employee morale has always been a focal point of a successful business and that is unlikely to change.  What does change is the challenges posed to business owners to keep their employees happy and productive.  Today’s challenges are COVID-19 and a nation-wide divide over injustices.  Yes, that is a lot to overcome even for our … Read more

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Stepping Back For A Mental Health Checkup

As a Small Business Owner or Manager you wear many hats; perhaps one of the most overlooked of your duties is acting as your employee’s psychiatrist, counselor, etc.  At a basic level, employee A’s productivity is suffering and they don’t seem themselves.  As your business’ resident shrink, it is your responsibility to speak with Employee … Read more

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Essential Purchases for Small Business: Phone Systems

Priorities change when our society changes – clearly. Everything that has been happening this year in regards to Business vs. COVID has taught us that priorities can pivot swiftly. Business Owners are constantly on their toes to decide how to navigate their industry landscape, make financially intelligent decisions and keep everyone safe at the same … Read more

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