How do I get the big bucks for my business?

Funding should never stand in the way of your business concepts and goals. After the insane past few years, it might seem to be more difficult to get the funding you need to grow your business, but after speaking to our financial professionals, you will have options for getting up to $5 Million Dollars in funding. Sounds like a dream, huh?

If you are trying to jump into some of those businesses that require a little more funding to get started – restaurants, transportation companies, auto repair shops ,you could benefit from a Merchant Cash Advance that could provide up to $5 Million Dollars in funding for your business. 

What Is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance (MCA) provides a business cash upfront in exchange for a percentage of its future sales. It’s an alternative financing option for business owners to get funding without collateral or personal credit requirements. An MCA is also called a credit card processing loan because it’s commonly utilized by companies that accept payments through a business merchant account.

As the name suggests, MCA isn’t a loan but an advance based on a company’s creditworthiness, future sales, and past debit card and credit card sales. When you apply for an MCA, you and the lender agree on an advance amount, a payback amount, and a holdback percentage. The agreed-upon holdback percentage is withheld from your daily sales as payment and the holdback percentage will apply until your balance is paid in full.

The payback amount will depend on a factor rate set by the lender based on their risk assessment of your company’s creditworthiness. The factor rate is inclusive of fees and interest rates; you multiply the cash advance by the factor rate to get your total repayment amount. The higher the rate, the higher you pay.

Repaying an MCA back depends on your daily revenue. Thus, with more sales, you can pay back the advance faster. You’re not obligated to pay more if you’re experiencing low sales but it does prolong the repayment period.

What Types of Businesses Use Merchant Financing?

Merchant financing is best for businesses looking to fund a profitable opportunity to generate revenue, like the bulk purchase of quick-turnaround inventory. An MCA is also a great financing option for companies that are borrowing to expand their operating capacity through the acquisition of machinery or to bring in extra help during peak season. Businesses that utilize merchant financing include:

  • Retailers, distributors, and suppliers
  • Transportation companies
  • Service-based businesses, like hair and nail salons
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Specialty trades
  • Auto repair shops

An MCA is a great option for businesses that process a high volume of credit card transactions. Before taking on any business financing, make sure you understand the costs associated with your loan. In addition, ensure you have enough cash flow to make payments, especially since an MCA needs to be paid back daily.

Thinking of Starting a New Business?

Now is the time! With our society ready to get back in action (safely), new business concepts are quickly emerging with creative flows for serving the public without the high risk of spreading the virus. Put your innovative business concepts into play, and connect with us to get the funding you need to start your newest venture!

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