Human resources For Your Startup

Human resources For Your Startup

One of the easiest ways to increase office efficiency and improve employee experience is to make your human resources virtual. The latest software platforms allow you to automate tedious management systems so you can focus on doing the work, rather than how it will be done.

Zenefits is absolutely free, which is ideal for any young startup. From this one platform you can manage scheduling, payroll, PTO, administer benefits, and onboard new hires. They also have a feature to cover any governmental compliance needs, with a built-in calendar to ensure your important deadlines won’t be missed. Zenefits wants you to, “spend less time on low priority tasks.”

For a low-cost, no-contract option, Kin is an application that makes filing employee paperwork a breeze. Kin will centralize all your files, manage PTO and leave requests, and track time off. Kin has systems for onboarding and handling employee data within a team directory. It also provides space for employee feedback and objectives.

TSheets is a revolutionary tool for time management as it integrates Quickbooks and boasts GPS time-tracker. With a mobile app, its features are available across devices. Geotracking lets employees clock in and out from anywhere, even for breaks and lunch. Interactive capabilities allow entire teams to follow a project’s status at a glance, and remotely edit, publish, and share with ease. Predictive planning helps determine probable timetables necessary for future tasks and goals, as well as estimated payroll.

Workable is world-class recruiting software made to simplify the hiring process. In a single click, post your positions on hundreds of top sites and streamline the vetting process. Create employee profiles, collaborate with hiring teams, schedule interviews, and get approvals automatically on a security-enhanced platform. Workable has renowned global support, and connects with major partners like LinkedIn and Google.

With as much effort that goes into starting a business and keeping it running, converting to automating software for the mundane jobs involved with HR, might be an obvious choice. Whether your company is in its first stages and manpower is spread thin, or you’re a larger operation with a full-scale workforce, these platforms are designed to make operations cohesive, while keeping employees satisfied, so business stays moving at full-speed.

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