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Our most popular unsecured business and start up specialty loans

Unsecured business loans for self employed clients who don’t show any type of profit on their tax returns – Most small business owners run into this issue. They take their profits and write off as much income as they can to avoid paying high income taxes at the end of the year. Traditional banks can not approve clients if they do not show a large amount of adjusted gross income to cover their expenses. Unsecured finances can fund these special types of clients through our unsecured no documentation business specialty division.

Unsecured business loans to buy real estate – This loan or line of credit can be used to purchase, flip, or rehabilitate real estate. The money can be used to purchase tax liens at rock bottom prices, as well as to go directly into the bank and go to their REO (Real Estate Owned) division to purchase foreclosed real estate for pennies on the dollar.

Unsecured no doc start up business loansIf you are having problems going through the SBA (Small Business Administration) to get your financing then an unsecured loan to start a business may be perfect for you. Our unsecured loan products don’t need any business plans, projections, and sometimes income verification to get started. They are done within 5 days and can be used for any business purpose.

Unsecured loans for home improvement – If you are having problems getting a refinance on your primary residence, second home or investment property because you owe more than its worth then a unsecured loan is perfect for you. Not only do we not use any assets but our closing times average around 5 days. You can use this money for a new kitchen, bathroom, or any other home improvement reason.

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