4 Terrifying Truths About Starting Your Own Company

With some of that spookiness still creeping in from Halloween, it’s a perfect time to talk about one more frightening topic; The Terrifying Truths About Starting Your Own Company. From leaving traditional 9-to-5 jobs to being unsure of when your first big business deals will come in, first-time founders must overcome many challenges that their corporate counterparts will not face in their careers. That’s why we are addressing these scary truths face-to-face. 

1. Being Your Own Boss

Getting out from under the structure of a boss can be an empowering and wonderful new step leading you into your new adventure. However, once you begin the process of starting your business and realizing that you have to lean on yourself and build the new structure, it can be a frightening realization. However, you can find comfort in this fact; every new business owner experiences this feeling. It comes along with the risk of venturing out on your own, but rest assured that the rewards that come after are well worth your brief feelings of anxiety. Focus is key, making sure you keep your eyes on your goals and all the benefits you will reap. 

2. Leaping Into a New Industry With No Safety Net

Many new business owners run into obstacles in the startup process, especially when it comes to cash flow. You are your own source of income now, and new business owners need to be able to create a business plan that will anticipate and account for certain common obstacles that occur during the startup process. The best way to prepare for new business ownership is to acquire sufficient funding based on your business plan and the needs you can anticipate. Other options include side-hustles to ensure that you can make your financial obligations while getting your business off the ground. 

 3. Needing Clients Immediately

Building up a clientele takes time for any new business. You may be lucky enough to have a small foundational amount to build upon, but either way it’s about creating an ongoing, evolving strategy to keep efforts running to bring on new clients or customers. Marketing, lead generation, and SEO are all the types of efforts that any new or existing business owner needs to put into place to make sure they are bringing in all the business they can. Depending on your budget, you can learn to start these efforts on your own or hire a marketing professional to really accelerate your growth. Investing in your business marketing is vital, which is why we work with business owners to get the most funding we can to help their business grow. 

4. Fearing the Unknown

Unexpected overhead, lack of clients, malfunctioning equipment, failed strategies – many things can pop up when you are starting your business. Even with all the research that you can conduct, some issues can arise out-of-the-blue. Setting up a fund to help deal with any problems that could arise is the best way you can prepare for the unknown. 

Face your fears and start your business TODAY!

Whatever the obstacle is that a new business owner could come up against, the best way to combat them is through planning, anticipation and preparation. Take the time to research and create an in-depth business plan that accounts for any issues that could arise. 

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