We are a finance based consulting company based out of Fort Lauderdale Florida.  Our services are to help clients get non asset based money for a variety of reasons.  Start up capital, working capital, hiring employees, marketing or buying needed supplies or equipment.  Basically any type of client that is looking for a "out of the box" type of funding.  We deal mostly with the self employed, 1099 contractors, or cash only paid businesses.

Our service is simple.  We look at 3 different aspects of the funding process.

First, we look at the credit profile.  We look at tradelines, debt loads, accounts, how many accounts, what type of accounts, when accounts have been open and inquiries.  A clients credit profile is more then just the credit score.  It is a combination of different factors that you will be judged on. No two credit profiles will look the same even if the scores are the same.

Second, we look at the income profile.  We look at gross income, net income, bank statements, depreciation, write-offs, wages, how the income came in and where it went, profit and loss statements and personal financial statements.  Our company can make sense out of your financial information even when all or most of your income has been deducted.

Third, we look at your needs and what is available to you based on the other 2 factors.  Since our company is staffed with underwriters, ex bankers and financial experts once we do our initial consultation we will tell you the truth about how you look and how the funding process would work for you.

Our funding sources include venture capital, investment banks, smaller niche banks, and private funding groups.  All these funding sources work differently and because our staff knows how to analyze your credit and income profiles our closing ratios are over 92%.

Clients that usually can’t be helped at traditional banking institutions will value are expert service, quick closings, easy paperwork, and low interest rates. Our years of knowledge and expertise with unsecured business and start up specialty loans and lines along with being on top of current banking rules and underwriting guidelines will keep you at ease throughout the funding process.  Our free consultation takes less than 5 minutes where we go over our various unsecured business and start up specialty loans and lines and other niche products.

Call us at 888-294-2584 and speak to one of our sales staff.