5 Tricks to Treat Your Customers this Halloween

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The Holidays are headed our way, and with them are millions of ways to develop specific marketing strategy to funnel your target market your way. With so many businesses taking advantage of this marketing season, it is especially important for small businesses to invest in holiday marketing to keep up with their competition instead of being swallowed whole!

Marketing Investments are an incredibly important driving factor for businesses. If you are self-employed or running a small business, it can be tricky to decide how to allocate your marketing dollars, but we can tell you that holiday marketing gets a lot more attention in the budget of most businesses. Taking out a Small Business Loan can be a great option for the holidays alone, and when you utilize some of these great marketing tips your business will be sure to see the impact!

  1. Mood

Atmosphere is what makes the holidays so magical! People love to be surrounded by all the elements that contribute to the unique feel of each holiday. For Halloween it is that spooky factor, bats, ghosts, spiders, fall leaves, orange and black, and of course pumpkins! Your first step is to decide the level of “spooky” that is appropriate for your business. There are ways to add to your Halloween mood without breaking down the professionalism barriers. Tasteful uses of orange and black, Autumn leaves and pumpkins are a great addition to any office without getting too funky!

In your marketing, slight changes can be implemented to suit your holiday theme. Halloween or Fall color palettes are a great way to set the mood. Slipping in the occasional pun (depending on your business) adds a little holiday humor and most audiences can appreciate a good giggle. Updating and personalizing your marketing demonstrates attention to detail, and resonates with audiences.  

  1. Savings

Customers everywhere are constantly looking to save a buck, but this is the most true of holiday season. October is when a lot of the holiday shopping begins, and bargain hunters start the earliest. Take advantage of their attention with great holiday themed promotions and savings. Groupon is a great resource for adding a deal for your business and making it searchable. Post your promotions on your social media and give them the extra boost with the Ad Managers for your social media platforms.

  1. Local Events

Wherever you are located, or wherever your target audience is centralized, you can come up with a list of popular Halloween / Fall events in the area. Making these in print form with your business’ information and branding is genius because your potential customers will need to have the list in-hand when scouring it for the best events, which means they will be subconsciously viewing your business information over and over during their hunt for the perfect party / parties.

  1. Treats

Giveaway promotional items with your information on them! There are endless ways to utilize this strategy, from giving bigger gifts to your existing clients (take this Halloween treat from Edible Arrangements, for example), to handing out mini-candy corn packets with your logo from anypromo.com. There are also Pumpkin Totes for kids, brain-shaped stress balls, and an array of different Halloween pens! Whatever item you decide to go with, make sure it will be easy to give away and likely to be used more than once. To give it an added kick, post the item on social media, run a giveaway for them and create a hashtag for recipients to post photos of their “treat” and tag your business for a chance at an “ultimate giveaway”!

  1. Costume Contest

The Power of Showing Off. People love to post photos of themselves on the internet, case in point, “Selfies”. When you take a holiday like Halloween when everyone is spending a generous amount of creative thought, effort and dollars to execute the perfect costume, they will want the end-product to last as long as possible with maximum exposure – enter, the costume contest. Create a contest with a unique hashtag, require the participants to use the hashtag and to also tag your business on social media, and offer a prize. Boom, leads. Choose a winner, advertise that on your social media, and encourage the winner to post of photo on their social media with the prize (tagging your business). Next, be sure to follow up the rest of the participants with a “Thank You” for participating and invite them to sign up for emails that alert them to future contests, etc. The costume contest is the gift that keeps giving!


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