Are Business Loans a Good Idea in 2021?

Business Loans in 2021 – Are they a good idea?

Business loans have been a big question mark in the past year and a half… Business owners and small business owners alike have been asking themselves where to get a business loan or a small business loan, how long it will take to get a business loan, what type of business loan to apply for, how much they can get in their small business loan, and if it is even worth it to apply for a business loan.

We believe that a business’ growth depends on the investment they make it them. From marketing costs, to equipment, client resources, software and more, businesses need to spend money to make money. Yes, we know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. Unsecured Finances is determined to help businesses acquire as much funding as needed to get their business up and running or keep it growing, especially after this pandemic has made things so difficult for business owners. 

Unsecured Business Loans and Lines of Credit

Our unsecured business loans or business lines of credit are paid back once a month amortized up to 10 years to give clients the flexibility of borrowing large amounts of capital and paying it back over an extended term.

They are NOT daily payments loans, MCA loans, or cash advance loans.  They are NOT amortized over 6 months to 12 months.  We provide long term business financing ONLY under the EIN number of the corporation, limited liability company or DBA without affecting the clients personal credit reports and scores.

What Makes Our Company Different From Everyone Else?

All clients go thru a discovery process with one of our trained staff.  The discovery process is where we ask you a serious of questions and give you the honest truth about your file.  Our staff will figure out all the different financing options for you.  Each clients situation is different.  Clients are in different industries and have different credit scores, gross sales, revenue and profit margins.  They make and show different amounts of income depending on corporate structure, equity and fluctuations in cash flow.  Business funding is not a one size fits all model.  This is what our trained staff is here to determine.  Our capital comes from hundreds of different sources (Banks, wholesalers, crowdfunders, private lenders and investment groups)  and they all have different underwriting criteria.  This is why the discovery process is needed.  If you are looking to end your daily payment MCA loan or looking for a longer term flexible business financing program we just might fit your needs!

Product Highlights

Business owners, Partners, LLC’s and 1099 contractors will not be required to show tax returns, pay stubs or other proof of income for some of our programs. Income is stated and not verified.

Our unsecured business loans create higher cash flow for businesses because they are fixed rate monthly payments not daily payments.  Unlike a factoring loan which is paid daily our loans are paid once a month and allow business owners a longer payback term (up to 10 years) so they can use the capital more efficiently. (Credit and state will vary. Call for details)

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