Business Owners In Love – Investing Your Heart into Your Business

Let’s be honest, your business is your passion. It is your heart and soul, bread and butter. When it comes to investing, you aren’t just talking about money. Your time, your emotions, your blood, sweat and tears mix together to create this grand vision you hold in your heart. For that reason, there is no better reason to budget funds towards promoting and growing your business. 

February is the perfect time to talk about this, because what you have here is a love affair. If you are a business owner, you are in a serious relationship with your business, and you gotta treat her right. Take her to all the nice places (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN), and show her off (advertising). Buy her nice things (new equipment), and then let’s talk about living together…(office location!). Just as you would invest into a relationship, you invest into your business. 

As time goes on, it isn’t just about spoiling fawning all over your business, it’s about serious upkeep. It’s about supporting needs and building a future. Everything you invest into your business should be with a purpose that you are working towards future success. Here are a few investments you should make into your business to ensure lasting growth and happiness:

Business Structure

New and established businesses alike will both need to invest in a solid structure or restructure. This includes your business plan, financial and legal structure. If you don’t have enough experience to navigate these important concepts yourself, then looking into hiring someone knowledgeable and seasoned is a must. Don’t just throw your funds anywhere when it comes to these crucial decisions, but make certain to research and find people who are worth every penny. 


One of the biggest ongoing spends of your business is on your marketing. The more your marketing campaigns run and you gather data, the more successful your marketing dollars will become and the larger amounts you will be able to invest into your evolved marketing. Making sure to have an adequate budget will guarantee that you build the proper foundation for a strong and effective marketing strategy. 

Staff & Training

As your business grows, so will the need for a dependable and solid staff. When it comes to choosing the people you trust to help you run different aspects of your business, you do not want to take these choices lightly. Take time to scout out good people with a strong work ethic. Invest in their training and continuously in their motivation to make sure these good employees are more than happy to stay around and grow endlessly with your business. They will be your lifeblood, so have the funds ready to treat them right. 


Where you work is incredibly important. It communicates to your customers, but it is also the place that you and your work team will spend most of your time. Consider how you can invest in your location to provide a comfortable, flexible and vibrant workspace that is designed to inspire your team. Choose furniture that will be durable and ergonomic. Within this concept, you should also be thinking about mental health. Providing healthy snacks, coffee, and even special events such as teambuilding activities, incentive lunches, reward programs and even yoga will play a part in keeping everyone in tip top brain-shape, ready to lead you into success!


No one is going to get quality work done on an old, broken down computer, glitchy keyboard, or a broken chair. Make it a point to evaluate equipment and have the funds available to splurge on updated equipment when needed. It will make certain that work is flowing quickly and efficiently, without stress and frustration. Invest in the good stuff from the start and you will have less chances of it holding you up in the future. 

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