Can I Get an Unsecured Loan from a Bank?

There are many different types of funding institutions out there that deal in unsecured (non asset) based loans and lines of credit. The criteria will change from bank to bank and from state to state. Some types of industries will be prohibited from getting an unsecured loan at all.

These industries and sectors will change as the market fluctuates and the economy goes through different economic phases. If you don’t know who lends unsecured money and how much they lend or what they look for you will be in the dark when it comes to business financing. Most finance companies which includes banks are reluctant to give out unsecured signature loans.

Every time your credit is pulled your score goes down 3-5 points. Not knowing the internal rules and underwriting guidelines to get financial loans could be devastating to your credit and leave you frustrated and back at square one. TIPS TO GETTING UNSECURED LOANS The most important thing you have to do before searching for business lending is knowing your personal credit score.

Personal credit is going to be used for an unsecured business loan or an unsecured personal loan because the bank or finance company is not asked you for assets or collateral to back up the loan. Unsecured credit cards can also be used to finance your business but you should be cautious when using them . Always check the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) to find out hidden costs and the true rate of this type of small business financing.

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