Do Your Clients Feel Valued?

Transforming your customers / clients into lifelong relationships can be challenging, but it is the number one goal of any business. This isn’t even as complicated and tricky as it could seem – you just have to make them feel appreciated. Even when everything is going “right,” it’s important for a business’ success that customers truly feel valued, or they may move on.

The most difficult part is being able to show customers just how much they’re valued in a way that feels sincere instead of forced. To help guide you in the right direction of creating lasting relationships with your customers and clients, we have created a list of 5 ways to demonstrate sincerity and care for your clients.

1. Handwritten Cards

When is the last time you received an actual “Snail Mail” card? Most likely, it was from a close friend or relative, because it takes time, effort and actual care to sit down and write out a card, address the envelope, adhere the stamp and deliver it to the mailbox. 

Perhaps this task is a bit too daunting, but you still want to communicate that same sentiment to your customers / clients. There are automated card services like SendOutCards to send “handwritten” cards to your customers. With nearly all correspondence being digital these days, finding a handwritten card in your mailbox that says, “I value you” leaves an impact.

2. Speak From the Heart

Don’t be afraid to make your message personal. If you have learned personal details about your customers or clients, be sure to include them in your cards or correspondance. For example, if you know that one of your customers / clients are going through a personal loss, being able to add “I admire you” for their strength, or convey that “our thoughts are with you” is a small but significant way to let your customers know that you care. 

3. Talk About Shared Vision

Discover and discuss your shared vision with your clientes. This can include their long-term goals, biggest challenges and pain points, and then tie everything together with how you can specifically help them solve their problems and accomplish their long-term goals? Once you delve into your shared vision with your client and understand their business, they will feel valued as long-term business partners. 

4. Ask, Instead of Assume

Discover what your customers care about, what makes them feel valued and heard, and what they need for the relationship to thrive. Reaching out like this shows courage, vulnerability, integrity and respect. All-too-often, we assume that we have the answers to these questions, but communication is about clarification. It is also about the importance of communicating that you care enough to ensure clarity at all times. 

5. Honor Their Time

Honoring people’s time shows you value them. We find automation becoming more prevalent, and simple live interactions are disappearing, so it’s vital to impart value at every opportunity. For example, when you are on the phone, be empathetic: “I hear that you’re on your lunch hour Ms. Miller; I’ll take care of this immediately.” or in writing: “I appreciate that you need this document quickly—you’ll get a resolution or an update from me by End-of-Day today”. In any way that you can, let your clients know that you value their time. 

Numerous Ways

While there are numerous ways to express that you value your clients, it is up to you and your business to individually evaluate how to best communicate to your clients. The point is to personalize that expression as much as possible and let them know that they are valued. At the end of the day, your clients want to feel valued – not for their business – but as people. Taking the time to reach out in a way that is unexpected and personal will surprise and delight your customers – a treatment that they will not likely experience elsewhere. 

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