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Black cats, ladders, salt, umbrellas, mirrors and the number 13… Oh my! According to a poll done by Gallup, 1 in 4 Americans are superstitious. This belief in supernatural causation tends to rise a great deal around Friday the 13th, bringing closeted believers out into the daylight. We see the effects of their beliefs in statistics across many industries by these individuals with “Paraskavedekatriaphobia”, or the fear of Friday 13th.

Is It Really Unlucky?

The term, “superstition” is generally perceived to be a drastic loss in the luck department, but in actuality it is any belief that some supernatural powers would be attached to an item or action which would affect your luck in either an increased or decreased fashion. Find a penny on the ground, good luck. Smashing a mirror, bad luck. Both are examples of superstition. The reason that “Friday the 13th” is considered more unlucky than, say, “Monday the 13th” is a topic with many different theories, as outlined in the USA Today article, “Why Friday the 13th is Known as a Day of Bad Luck”. However, according to Huffington Post’s article, “Why Friday the 13th is a Very Lucky Day Indeed”, it is argued that the day used to hold a much different value as, “up until the patriarchal revolution, both Fridays and 13s were held in the very highest esteem. Both the day and the number were associated with the Great Goddesses, and therefore, regarded as the sacred essence of luck and good fortune.”. Could this good fortune be a truth that has been overlooked?

Regardless of whether or not there are claims of bad luck tied with the day, what do statistics show?

Stock Markets

In an article on Business Insider called, “Here Are Your Not-So-Scary Friday the 13th Stock Market Stats”, Chris Adams is quoted on the positive influx the market has seen as an average throughout Friday the 13ths. He is quoted saying, “over the past 144 Friday the 13th days, the market has been up 81 times, averaging 0.6603% gain, the best being a 3.34% gain on Oct 13, 2000”. Yet another article on Market Watch,  backs this information up with more noteworthy tales of positive stock market uptick.


While many are avoiding participation in events such as the Lottery this Friday the 13th, there are some wonderful tales of immense winnings during the notorious day. Among these stories are players of the Michigan Mega Millions Lottery, who since 2003, have won more than $171 million in jackpots from drawings on Friday the 13th. Williams Rogers of L.A. County, California, certainly has a more positive outlook about Friday the 13th, with his $555,555 win a couple years back – and this isn’t the first time he has won on a Friday the 13th! You can even ask Daniel Huck of Waterloo what his perception is of the “unlucky day”. After his win last October, he and 7 others won $40,000 a piece!


Traffic is notoriously low on Friday the 13th, due to the amount of people who stay home to avoid being in harm’s way. This in turn affects foot traffic through brick and mortar businesses, therefor affecting their sales. The good news is, if you want a shorter wait time in line at Starbucks, maybe braving the negative folklore and venturing out into the open will prove to be a lucky experience for you and a quick cup of joe.


It really all comes down to perception. If you want to see something bad in a picture, you will identify characteristics that create what you are looking for, and the same goes for those who are looking for something positive. So while people are out there hiding from what they perceive to be potentially “bad luck”, take the opportunity to do something brave and make your own luck! Don’t let Friday the 13th be another reason for you to put off doing something that could change your life, be the success story to inspire others to do the same!

Perfect Day to Start a Business

So you have been wanting to start a business for a while now. You have the concept planned out, you have the location chosen, you know what supplies you need to build your foundation, and maybe you even have a few clients or customers chomping at the bit for you to open – what is stopping you? Don’t let this day be another excuse to put off your business, your dream.

In fact, if you are looking to start a business and you have been running up against problems finding a loan, we can help you navigate to a lucky solution with working capital loans, home based business loans, non-SBA loans, unsecured no-doc loans – we can find out what will work best for you! We love working with businesses who have good credit, but keep finding themselves up against obstacles for obtaining their funds. Don’t waste another minute, let us make your Friday the 13th the luckiest day of your business adventure!


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