Future Growth Opportunities After COVID-19

While the effects of COVID-19 have stymied what was previously a thriving economy, restrictions are slowly being lifted nation-wide and business owners are in a position to once again see growth.  It isn’t business as usual and it won’t be for some time.  In this time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever that business owners are able to identify and act upon growth opportunities.  

Be Creative And Adapt:

The need to be creative has always been a staple of a successful business and that will be more important than ever in a post-COVID-19 world.  During the last few months of restrictions, we have seen many businesses creatively adapt their previous business models in order to survive.  While these efforts may have initially been a temporary solution, their success shows a key to growth post-COVID-19 is adaptability.  Breweries and distilleries began producing hand-sanitizers; restaurants who previously featured dine-in service only have expanded to take out and deliver with tremendous success.  While COVID-19 has certainly created hurdles for all businesses, growth opportunities remain so long as business owners find open avenues and take advantage of them.  

Clean It Up:

A year ago, sanitation was a common concern when you visited say….a restaurant.  Today that has changed and now customers think about cleanliness anytime they leave their house be it a restaurant or a local hardware store.  What might set your business apart from the rest is a focus on cleanliness and a strong marketing effort behind it.  Given the opportunity to enter two competing stores, price is no longer as big a factor to customers but be assured sanitation is.  Implement new cleaning procedures for your staff, provide hand sanitizers to customers; make your customers and staff feel safe in your store.  While these efforts are undeniably necessary and good for the health of everyone entering your store, you cannot forget that this also provides you an edge in your market.  Promote what you are doing so customers not only feel safe doing business with you, but also are more incentivized to do it.

Get Social:

Social media’s effectiveness for businesses has been largely debated given its a rather new medium for marketing.  Some businesses used it, or didn’t use it, without actually knowing if it was working or not.  That was yesterday…or 4 months ago….but it is time to get behind social media if you weren’t using it before and understand how to track it if you were.  Your customers have been stuck at home for weeks now and even as restrictions are lifted, they will be at home more-so than they were in the past.  A strong social media presence will set your business apart from your competitors as more people are scrolling through social media.  Unlike traditional forms of advertising, it isn’t all about a call to action.  Success and brand awareness can be created through strong content.  Nobody is going to stop to look at your post if everything is about the new product you have.  Create posts that people will stop and look at; the more people looking at your business the greater chance you have to attract new customers.    

Start Dreaming Your Next Business Move

Maybe you haven’t started a business just yet, but you are taking all the steps to build on a firm foundation. Congratulations! We love to be a resource for small business owners, and pass on the knowledge we have in the business world. In these uncertain times, many people are starting over or starting a new business for the first time. If that is you, we are here for you. We work with small business owners to improve their financial face to the lenders and assist in getting you the most funds that are available to you. 

Thinking of Starting a Remote Business?

Of course there are more options, which we will share on our next blog, but the key is to start exploring now. Don’t just sit at home watching Netflix and letting this opportunity go by. If you have the dream, we can help you get the funding to take the next step. 

It’s becoming all the rage now, with people looking for opportunities and creating new business ideas. If you are one of the bright new entrepreneurs looking to weather this storm by building a strong boat, we can help you find funding options that are right for you. Why wait another moment?

Financial restraints have been a complaint for many of the dreamers, limiting themselves to their immediate funds. There is an alternative. If you have the dreams and decent credit, Small Business Loans and No Doc Loans are available to you. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need and the resources available to make your dream a reality. Give us a call – we have the education and the perspective to help you obtain the loans you need for your small business. Visit our website or give us a call to find out what financial backing is available to make your business soar!

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