Invest For Start Up Success With Creative Marketing

Taking a creative approach in marketing your small business is one of the best ways of working smarter not harder and to get the biggest bang from the effort you put into promoting. No doubt the best thing you can do for yourself is to create an outstanding product that sells itself, then your only job is to simply let people know you exist. So how do you get their attention and get your product or service into their reach? More importantly, how do you get them talking about it and triggering a viral buzz that takes your business to the next level? Here we look at strategies to gain the most response from the least amount of input when it comes to getting your business out there.

Everyone loves free stuff and rewards so that’s obviously one of the fastest ways to draw in new customers, but why stop there? Why not give customers even more incentive by offering a referral program with rewards when they bring in more new customers and suscribers? Personal reference might be the most effective type of promotion around, as we trust the word of those we know more than any ad. Referrals are such a solid tool, it’s almost something you can’t buy, and again, only comes with a good product or service that is genuinely useful.

A great way to create connections and build new relationships is by attending trade shows and conferences, where you can meet personally and network with the core of your target base, as well as influencers in the industry who can grow your name for you. Online forums are also a ripe place to glean potential clients who may be looking, unsuccessfully, for solutions to the exact problems your company was designed to solve. That’s also a nearly effortless way to gain more traffic, testimonials, and user reviews, which money just can’t buy.  

Stickers and t-shirts are another subtle way to connect with new people and generate a sense of familiarity to your brand. Many printers have discounted rates when you buy a few hundred, and some offer easy-to-use online templates to help produce eye-catching designs. Hand out stickers to strangers and put them in highly visible places. Soon your company will be known to your new customers before they even know it. Giving out free t-shirts to friends, new clients, and at trade shows will have even greater effect as it’s paired with the unspoken reference from the person wearing it. Both stickers and t-shirts are a time-tested way of getting immense impact from any amount you spend.

One of the most beneficial investments you can make in promoting your business is by investing in the community or a cause your company stands behind. Sponsorships and charity drives are a truly excellent way to introduce your name to new bases, while helping others in the process. Whether it’s as simple as sponsoring a little league team or a local arts venue, or hosting an event that donates to an environmental or social group, there’s no better way to establish yourself than through altruistic activities. For your next product launch, think of a cause that aligns with your mission and find ways to incorporate a fundraiser. Affiliate with different groups and find ways you can cross-promote each other.

No matter how imaginative a campaign, make it something people will want to share and tell others. Figure out how your product can make them look good, and on the cutting edge. Word of mouth is hands down the best way for people to get to know you. There are many other angles you can take, and for inspiration it’s smart to follow innovative leaders in business for fresh ideas. Explanatory videos, made with humor, tend to be extremely successful on social media channels. Contests and challenges are also effective at attracting and engaging users. However you plan to promote your startup or existing small business, remember that people power will get you farthest when trying to expand your presence and profits. Always keep an eye on taking care of your customers and they will undoubtedly take your business where you want it go.

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