• FUNDING FROM $5,000 TO $150,000


  • We use stated income to qualify. Stated income qualifies you for higher dollar amounts for unsecured loans and lines of credit.
  • The repayment terms go up to 10 years without assets, tax returns, profit and loss statements, business plans, w-2s or pay stubs.
  • All of our products come without prepayment penalties. They are simple interest loan products where the rate does not change. Payments are made once a month.
  • Up to a 10 year term
  • Simple interest loan or Line-Rate will not increase-No balloon payment
  • Stated income-No Doc Product-Owner operator loans without showing your taxes
  • All industries Qualify-Cash only businesses qualify

Our unsecured business loans in California are perfect for self-employed business owners who make a lot of money in gross income and write most of it off. Our investors are able to give capital to credit worthy clients if they show a profit or if they don’t.For many startups, the most feasible option for funding a business is securing a commercial loan. California business owners and startups who have experienced considerable difficulty obtaining a loan from a bank or some other lending institution can look into our wide array of financing options, all of which are designed to address the needs of startup business owners in California. Small business loan or unsecured business loan–whatever you need–call us today and find out how we can be of service to you!

Starting up a business has always been fraught with challenges, but it is especially difficult for business owners today to get off the ground. With the unfavorable economic climate and credit markets, it is becoming harder and harder for business owners to get the funds they need to develop their business past the initial stage. There is clearly a need for reliable small business loans from a reputable provider, and we are more than happy to fill that need.

Small business loans enable businesses to carry on with their activities even if they have already developed past the initial stages. When a company’s finances take a dip, operations may ground to a halt, and the ability of the business to earn revenue may be compromised. Without the proper funding, businesses will go through considerable difficulty staying afloat during times of financial crisis. With a small business loan however, companies may be able to weather the worst of the storm and possibly even come out stronger than before.

Our firm has helped thousands of business owners survive–and even flourish–under the most trying financial circumstances. With long years of industry experience providing a wide variety of loans and financial assistance packages for companies in various sectors, we are more than qualified to help startups and existing businesses get to the next level of their growth and development.

We are especially qualified to assist business owners in California with their funding needs. Considering the unique business climate in the state, business owners will need a lending agency that has the knowledge and capability to maneuver through the local economic climate. We are that firm, and our lengthy track record of satisfied clients in the local communities is testament to our professionalism and expertise.

We offer some of the most flexible loan arrangements in the country, with the qualification process completed in less than 24 hours in most cases. Applicants are offered a variety of loan programs, each of which offers excellent value and the most reasonable terms in the industry. With our small business loan packages, startups and small business owners in California have access to the funding that they need without having to go through the hoops commonly associated with applying for a bank loan.

Business owns in need of funding typically do not have time to wait for bank approval, nor can they afford to be declined. Our services offer a feasible alternative to traditional loan packages, and they can be essential in helping your business weather the worst of your financial difficulties.

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