Unsecured business loans in Florida can be acquired as a no documentation or full documentation loan or line of credit.  The criteria to qualify for one of our products is a little bit lower in Florida because of the banking laws and the competitive environment.  Our unsecured business loans in Florida can get you a No doc unsecured loan or line of credit up to $100,000 and a light doc or full document loan or line up to $250,000. Rates start as low as 4.75% fixed and go as high as 10% with most clients averaging around 7.25%.  No assets, business plans, or business projections are needed to qualify for these products.

Most of our unsecured business loans in Florida are used by small businesses that show little or no money on their taxes at the end of the year. Most small business try to grow by reinvesting their profits back into their businesses. Because they are reinvesting their profits by IRS rules they can write it all off. At the end of the year it appears they did not make any money and most funding institutions would decline them. Our no doc unsecured business loans were created to use stated or gross income before taxes to get our clients more money at cheaper rates. Our investors realize that punishing clients and declining loans based solely on tax returns is not a good idea. With proper credit Florida residents can use our specialty no doc stated income loans to push their small businesses to a higher level.

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