• FUNDING FROM $5,000 TO $250,000



  •   No Doc Stated income start up and business loans and lines of credit.
  •   Financing for cash only paid businesses.
  •   Financing for new businesses or businesses under 1 year.
  •   Financing for all businesses not allowed under SBA
  •   Financing for home based businesses and Internet businesses.
  •   NOT factoring, ACH or bank statement loans.
  •   Monthly payments.
  •   We DO NOT charge any upfront or hidden fees.
  •   Can be used for any business including home based, trucking , construction, buying real estate foreclosures
  •   Long term (up to 10 years) loans keep monthly payments cheaper
  •   Start up businesses welcome.
  •   True business loans under the EIN #.
  •   We do not use any type of collateral.

Starting a small business in Texas can be a rewarding undertaking, but there are numerous challenges involved. Startups and small business owners have traditionally had considerable difficulty obtaining the funding essential to getting off the ground or continuing profitable operations. We can help. Our range of financing solutions is aimed at providing the capital necessary to help businesses of all sizes address financial challenges and target key opportunities. Call us today and find out how we can help your business grow!

Our financial services have been developed from the ground up with the goal of helping small and medium-size businesses with their financing concerns. We offer business owners the following:

  • Quick and straightforward application process
  • Expedited underwriting and approval
  • Repayment terms IS NOT based on cash flow like a ACH or factoring loan
  • Funding provided within a few days

We differ from other companies  in that we do not impose restriction on borrowers with regard to what they will use the loan for. Instead, we offer unparalleled flexibility that enables business owners to use the funds as they see fit. With our extensive array of business loans, Texas startups and owners of existing businesses may use the funds for anything and everything from expansion, improvement, and remodeling to inventory, supply, and equipment purchases, paying for emergency expenses to implementing cash flow management, and more.

One of our primary goals is to create economic opportunity for small businesses and to help them achieve financial stability. To this end, we provide access to the capital and resources necessary to develop businesses through all growth stages. Our team of financial specialists even offers advice on the financial decisions that would be most beneficial to the company.

Business loans can be useful at every stage of a business’s growth. In their initial stages, many small businesses have very limited financial resources at their disposal. This can severely hinder growth, and make it more difficult for startups to get to the next level. Established businesses often have a need for small business loans as well, either for expanding operations and/or capabilities or weathering a cash flow problem. Regardless of the situation, small business or startup, Texas business owners know they can rely on us in their time of need.

Unsecured business loans in Texas can be approved through our stated income no documentation loan program. This loan program was designed for clients who don’t qualify at a traditional bank or credit union because they can’t prove their current income, have high debt utilization or a limited credit history. Our no upfront fee loans are perfect for clients who need a quick low interest rate loan or line of credit to start or grow their business. Our specialty lending allows us to get clients larger start up or business loans with better rates, terms and conditions. If you have ever gone to a bank and applied for a unsecured business loan and have been turned down t because of hard to prove income, too many inquiries or too much revolving debt we have a program for you. Apply online or call us direct and one of our loan specialists will go over all you’re different loan options. Get approved in 1 business day with money wired into your account in 5 business days. Our loan consultation takes 5 minutes with all your loan options available the same business day.

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