Unsecured stated income business and start up no doc loans

Our most popular product:  The no doc loan was created to cater to the self employed or any other individual that either writes off all or most of their income on their taxes or needs to state their income to qualify for higher loan amounts.

The No Doc stated income loan is based off your gross income not your income after business tax write-offs. Gross income is used to qualify you up to 5x the amount of a normal loan.

The self employed, 1099 contractors or cash only paid businesses use this product to qualify for higher dollar amounts to use to run their business or to pay off current high interest rate loans or lines.

If you are self employed or have been turned down by your local bank because your income after expenses didn’t qualify you for financing we have the solution for you!

You will not have to prove Taxes, W-2'S, Pay stubs, Bark Statements or sign a IRS 4506 T form

pay stubs


 Income is stated instead of being proven. Taxes, W2’S or Paystubs are not required. Higher stated income means a higher loan approval.

 Clients who have had a few problems in the past (late pays, collections, charge offs) may qualify for smaller dollar amounts and go thru a probationary phase and qualify for much more in the future.

 Clients that have higher debt utilization or more maxed out credit will qualify

 All industries and occupations are allowed

 Our consultation is free. We aim for 100% client satisfaction.

 No hidden or upfront fees

 Clients with light credit or low trade lines will qualify for a limited amount of funding. (up to $35,000) until credit becomes more established.

 Our no doc loans are NOT ACH or factoring loan. Terms are up to 7 years. Loan payback is paid once a month. Not Daily.

Need a 620 minimum credit score to qualify.

Our funding services are perfect for small business owners who don’t show a lot of profit on their tax returns at the end of the year .  If you have ever been turned down by a bank we can probably help you!

Our most popular no-doc loan states!

We fund in all 50 states!

Our most popular unsecured business and start up specialty loans


    • ALL industries allowed!
    • Cash only businesses allowed!
    • Only need a 620 FICO score minimum to qualify.
    • Home based businesses ARE allowed!
    • Small business owners don't show taxes. Income is stated, not verified and not proven. Benefits low profit margin businesses!
    • NOT a factory/ACH! Loan payments monthly, NOT daily!!
    • Can show a loss on taxes
    • UP TO $500,000!