Project Management Software For Your Startup

Project Management Software For Your Startup

Project management software is designed to assist in the logistics of collaborative efforts, allowing for task assignment and oversight, communication between workers, and real-time status review and suggestions. It makes the order of operations clear and keeps contact with key players fluid. So what are the practical benefits of adapting this software into your workflow and what are the best apps available?

Generally, most management apps will handle almost any project imaginable and allow for multiple projects to be handled at one time. They will display completed tasks, every task needed to be done, and the estimated amount of hours needed to complete. 

Trello offers a board that features “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” sections, and they feature cards for timelines, calendars, task assignments, and productivity metrics. They boast a “no-code automation” intended to reduce tedious clicks on the back end. Trello works well on projects that have a clear process and may also need to maintain working lists of ideas.

Basecamp is great for those who want to centralize their projects in a simple streamline format. Their interface can be used by unlimited users, without any training. Their straightforward board displays a message board, group chat, schedules, to-do’s, automatic check-ins, and a tab for docs and files.

Asana comes with a heavier price tag, but also more ability. It’s perfect for work that’s done primarily remotely. It’s designed to not only streamline tasks, it also oversees marketing campaigns, product launches, sales, operations, and more. Their boards feature “To-do,” “In-progress,” and “Review-ready” sections, that “define each stage of work to see what’s important and where things are getting stuck.”

Free project management apps are available with a slimmer selection of features, but still prove useful if free is what’s affordable. Trello and Basecamp are budget-friendly and popular with smaller businesses. Asana offers a basic service for free to startups as they get off the ground.

There are countless management platforms on the market. When shopping for the ideal fit for your company, consider the size of your workload and number of people working, as well as the organization for your operations. Investing project management software can show you specifically where your efficiency can improve when assigning and executing tasks. Additionally, by allowing for instant tracking, improvement, and group communication the programs themselves are a serious quantum jump in efficiency for all of your projects. 

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