Small Business Loans Montgomery Alabama

Are you looking for a small business loan in Montgomery Alabama to get your business started? Don’t want to deal with all the hassles of the SBA? No assets? No problem!

We have over 300 investors in the public and private market that cater to you. We do not use any assets or have any pre-payment penalties.

Why do business with us?

We don’t charge ANY up front fees! We work on the public market, meaning we work with higher ups inside banks. These people have the power to get loans approved where others cannot. We also work on the private market. The private market is made up of investors, venture capitalists, and other investor groups that invest their own money and have their own underwriting guidelines. This means we can get around most problems that you would encounter at your local bank.

Why can’t I go to my local bank?

The banks we work with are specialized lenders, meaning they do certain things. Loans for military, loans for teachers, etc. These specialized lenders are usually small companies that want to grow by giving out lower rates, which is good for you!

We have over a 97% success rate once you are pre-approved! Also, our rates are much lower because of who we deal with and how we get you your loan. We can also get you the loan within 7 days, where the SBA would take 4-6 months. Remember, we deal with specialized lenders that have their own rules.

By putting a square peg in a square hole, or the perfect client for the perfect lender, you are getting more money and lower rates because you are the exact type of client they are looking for!