Turn Your Covid-19 Innovations into a Viable Business

4 Steps to Planning for Your New Business Venture

Quarantine has brought up some fantastic opportunities for many budding entrepreneurs to start creating structure for the dreams that have been occupying space in their minds. After the initial panic, many realized that they had been gifted this amazing opportunity to pour their newly freed time into creating viable plans for their visions. If you are one of these gifted individuals, then you must be wondering what steps you should be taking next – so let’s take a look at how to turn your COVID-19 innovations into a business.

1.Will Your Innovation Address a Long-Term Problem?

The best innovations are created in response to specific, urgent, and sizeable problems. In some ways, the Covid-19 crisis has made our most urgent problems and their potential solutions more obvious. For example: Health care providers needed masks; production facilities were idle; workers were furloughed and needed jobs. A social enterprise could address all three of these urgent problems simultaneously: Train workers to make masks in underused production facilities for health care providers.

But will this cluster of problems still need your solution three to five years from now?

Some coronavirus-inspired entrepreneurs are building on existing trends that have been amplified and accelerated by the pandemic, such as the explosive growth in telehealth, remote patient monitoring and the use of AI in healthcare. For example, free meal delivery services that were started to help health care workers may fall into this second category.

2. Who is Your Long-Term Market?

The next step is projecting whether there will be a large, passionate market for your product or service in a post-Covid future. User-centered design has taught us that a key to building a lasting business is having a deep understanding of who your customers are and how your product or service fits into their world.

As a Covid-19 inspired entrepreneur, ask yourself two questions: Are you delivering an innovation that your customers are passionate about? And will there be a large enough number of these passionate customers to grow a business once coronavirus is under control?

3. Prepare to Pivot

If you determine that your current target market may not be large enough in a post-Covid future, you may need to pivot, like we did. If it’s your turn for a strategic pivot, do whatever you can to pivot early, proactively, and thoughtfully. There are ample stories in the media these days of startups that are pivoting — but are doing so reactively in a frantic scramble for survival.

4. Create a Business Model

Many of today’s Covid-19 inspired innovations are being given away for free, or are supported by donations, as is appropriate during an emergency. The leaders of these startups should be aware that contributions to non-profit organizations that are not Covid-19 centric are way down. Maintaining a donation-exclusive organization over the long-run in the face of today’s economic circumstances will likely be difficult.

Covid-19 inspired innovators should consider revenue models native to the field of social entrepreneurship. Social enterprises have a dual mission of social impact and financial growth and have developed an array of business models to achieve these parallel goals. 

It is unclear at this time which of the tens of thousands of Covid-19 inspired entrepreneurs are creating products and services that will succeed in the long-term, but by going through these steps, more of today’s innovations will be the ones that people are using years and decades from now.

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10 Industries Driving the Sunshine State

Part 1

With small businesses and entrepreneurs coming into their own at an exceedingly high pace, the question on everyone’s mind is what industry should I get into? Where should I start my business? Depending on what type of business you want to start (local or online), there are many choices, but in most recent years it seems that more and more people are starting businesses in Florida. The reason everyone is flocking to the Sunshine State is due to these 10 industries that are driving the economic growth at a dynamic level:

1) Construction

Florida’s construction industry has been steadily growing over the past few years. In 2017, Florida showed an increase of over 7% in new construction jobs added, making it 4th in the nation in job growth. The Northeast Florida Builders Association reported an increase in new building permits issued—up more than 1,000 from the previous year to almost 9,000 permits.

This increase in need for construction work coincides with the booming real estate industry. With Florida being a coveted location for vacationers, snow birds, celebrities and just plain ol’ warm weather & beach-lovers, many people are investing in properties and land. As the many years and weather conditions create wear and tear on the buildings, many people decide to completely rebuild from the ground up. For others, it’s simply an alternate style choice.

2) Retail

The retail industry in Florida is holding strong and moving forward, bringing in over $3 billion in sales during 2017. New retail businesses are filling the voids left by big-box retailers who have vacated shopping centers in major cities. South Florida is showing the strongest expansion in retail, with the Miami area netting almost $900 million in sales last year.

Whether it’s a boutique soap company, beach-y clothing line, or an artisanal donut shop, South Florida is the place to bring all your ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

3) Consulting

If you have an abundance of knowledge to share with other businesses, why not consider becoming a consultant? The most successful businesses in the world didn’t get there by chance, they hire other professionals to help them along the way, whether it’s with marketing, design or even building strategy.

The consulting industry in Florida has made significant headway in the last few years—in a recent report on the fastest growing consulting firms around the world, three Florida firms found themselves among the top 50. Orlando is fast becoming a growing hub for multi-million dollar consulting firms like Deloitte, KPMG, and ADP.

4) Real Estate

As we have already mentioned, the Real Estate industry has grown in leaps and bounds in Florida over the past few years. More people are flocking to the Sunshine State looking for more than just sunny days, but a piece of property in paradise. Snowbirds are choosing AirBnBs instead of lavish estates that go vacant over the rest of the year. Celebrities are always looking for a new home to add to their vacation collection. The Florida appeal is there, waiting for people to sell it.

Florida’s real estate industry has been steadily increasing, particularly in South Florida where luxury home sales have been consistently growing. And in the northern part of the state, the average home price in Jacksonville has jumped over seven percent since last year. Additionally, the commercial side of the real estate industry in Florida comes in third place in the country—a positive effect from the expansion in other industries (retail, consulting, healthcare, professional).

5) Entertainment

With all the bright lights, flamingos and art deco filling the feeds of Instagram Influencers, Miami and South Florida in general are in the spotlight and everyone is dying to come to where the party is.

Miami is seeing the largest volume of new entertainment business formations in the state, possibly bolstered by the influx of tourists over the last year — a record-breaking 15 million visitors flooded Miami and spent over $25 million in the city. The leisure and hospitality industry added almost 150,000 new jobs over the past year, further bolstering the city’s economy.

Florida, the Time is NOW

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