Forget to Plan Your “Teamsgiving”?

Don’t stress, it’s not too late and we can help.

Cooking up a great meal for a Thanksgiving feast is something we are quite accustomed to, however, putting together an office celebration can quickly become a daunting task. It sneaks up on you, just like the holiday season itself – but making sure to plan teambuilding events and recognizing the holidays are one of the biggest best ways to boost morale around the office. Have you forgotten to plan a little shindig for your team? Not to worry, we have some tips to help you put together a great gathering just in time!

Make It Interactive

Instead of relying on the age-old catered lunch, try doing something that will get the whole team to participate and bring them together. “Teamsgiving” is a popular new trend where each team member provided a potluck item and was assigned another member to present with a personalized gift of thanks. No need to break the bank – have employees make creative gifts for each other that show appreciation. Plus, it’s much more personal than your typical Visa gift card.

“Thank You” Wall

What better way to let people know they are appreciated, than to create a wall where the team members are encouraged to share what they are thankful for in each other. It’s as easy as a few packs of Post-It Notes, and starting the trend by writing one for as many of your team members as possible. Try to make sure everyone is being included, and if someone is missing a “thanks”, create the note yourself. This is a perfect chance to boost the confidence and recognize some of those team members who maybe need a little extra boost during the season. These acts of kindness go a long way. 


Remember that play in elementary school where you had to dress up and tell the story of Thanksgiving? This year, try telling your own story instead. Recruit a few team members to help you write and perform your company’s story in front of coworkers. Dress up, include some company jokes, ask for audience interaction – make it a fun and fresh way to celebrate your company’s history.

Festive Games

Having your employees compete in Thanksgiving-related games can be a great way to bring the holiday spirit to your office thanksgiving celebration. Try Pumpkin Bowling – find the roundest pumpkin you can, set up “pins” (toilet paper rolls, paper towels, water bottles, etc.) in the parking lot or hallway, and have a company-wide tournament. Present the winners with festive prizes like a turkey or homemade pumpkin bread.


We tend to focus on the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving, which is excellent, but the holidays are also a perfect opportunity to give back to the community, especially to those who may find it difficult to find things to be thankful for. This can be done in a multitude of ways, including; volunteer time at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter; collecting food and hygiene items for those in need, sponsoring a community event, or sharing your expertise to help those who are looking to get into your industry. 

This year, taking the time to show thanks for your employees and give back to your community is the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit. And, it will make your turkey dinner taste that much sweeter.

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