Getting Tricky With It

5 Tips and Tricks to help when applying for a business loan

There are endless suggestions from experts in the field about how to increase your chances of being approved for a Business Loan or just simply to maximize the amount you will be approved for. You definitely want to have all your affairs in order, and you want to use a professional approach. Here are a few tips that help bolster your chances. 

  1. Polish Your Business Plan & Executive Strategy

The “shinier” you appear as a candidate, the more likely your chances of getting approved for the amount you want. Going into this process, you will want to look over your existing business plan and executive strategy. Bring in a second pair of eyes, and pinpoint any places that you could buff up. Lay out exactly what it is that you do as a business, how this will earn profits, and why consumers will buy from you. You can also discuss the market opportunity, the competitive landscape, and why your company has an advantage. When applying for your Business Loan, you want to convince the lender that you have a great idea as well as the means to carry it out and be successful. 

2. Talk About Your Current Business Projects

Talking about your current plans for the business and what you are going to continue doing that has worked in the past, is another way to demonstrate your drive and entrepreneurial spirit. It shows the lender that you have the ability to examine the things you have created, and have learned from their successes or failures. Demonstrate how the Business Loan would be used for investing in evolving the projects based on your analysis of past performances, and in turn how this will grow your business.

3. Invest in Accounting Software

The underwriting department relies on strong figures and ratios, so you need to make sure your bookkeeping is in tip top shape. For this reason, you should invest in an accounting software that provides an organized presentation of your financials. Since the approval process for the Business Loan depends on an accurate representation of where your business stands, a reliable accounting software will make a good investment for your business.

4. Maintain a Great Credit Score

This is a big one. Although different lenders have varied credit score requirements, having a high personal credit score – ideally 700 – will significantly help with yourBusiness Loan application. Most lenders consider both your business and personal credit scores, so make sure you maintain a good score for both. Your credit score should be verified by the three major credit bureaus. If your score isn’t where you need it to be, don’t panic – there are many ways to improve your score, so start taking the first steps. 

5. Resolve Any Tax Liens or Past Due Payments

If you have open tax liens or more than 30 days of late payment, it can be more difficult for you to get approved for a business loan. It will also increase the process length, as you may have to prove that you can manage your finances better. It’s best to set your credit record straight and have no issues with your taxes and other obligations to make your Business Loan application less stressful. This will do you a world of good.

The Time is NOW

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