How Inquiry Removal Helps with Credit Score

Credit scores naturally fluctuate from month to month depending on your usage, payments and transactions. For the most part, your credit score is directly tied to your actions. Occasionally there will be errors on your report that were out of your control, such as with hard inquiries and lines of credit. If you notice a sudden decline in your credit score, even if only by a few points, you may be suffering from the effect of an unwarranted credit inquiry.

What is an Inquiry?

Simply put, a credit inquiry is a credit check. Inquiries happen when there is a legally permitted request to see your credit report from a company or person. All inquiries aren’t created equal. There are 2 different types: hard and soft. Hard inquiries are ones made with your permission for specific transactions.

Will Inquiries Hurt My Credit?

A soft inquiry occurs in cases where you check your own credit or when a lender or credit card company checks your credit to preapprove you for an offer. Soft inquiries do not impact your credit scores.

Hard inquiries happen when you apply for a new loan or credit card and the lender pulls your credit reports to determine if you qualify. 

Lenders use how many times you have applied for credit to judge whether you should be approved for an extension of credit. In certain circumstances, an unapproved inquiry can be removed from your credit report by sending a credit inquiry removal letter to the credit reporting agency or by disputing it online.

How Our Company Can Help with Your Inquiry Removal

We remove unauthorized hard inquiries by using the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) laws to permanently remove these inquiries from your credit report.  These extra inquiries will lower your credit scores by 3-5 points each and if you have too many of them 6+ you will still not be eligible for financing even with a very high personal credit score.  Our service removes all unauthorized hard inquiries on all 3 credit agencies.  We charge per deletion and guarantee results of 85% + success to qualify you for funding.

Can I Remove Inquiries from Open Accounts?

No you cannot.  Inquiries that are tied to open accounts are not bad.  Only excessive inquiries NOT tied to open accounts or preexisting accounts.

Can Unsecured Finances Remove Inquiries from All Agencies?

Yes we can!  We are successful on all 3 agencies including Equifax (EFX)

Is it a Good Idea to Remove the Inquiries? 

Every inquiry on your report cost you 3-5 points on your fico score.  Removing excessive inquiries makes you eligible for funding, makes your score go up and makes you look better to get approved for future capital.

How Long Does it Take to Remove the Hard Inquiries?

Generally Experian and Transunion is the quickest within 3 weeks.  Equifax takes the longest.   Due to the coronavirus and the government fines against Equifax from the identity breach (In September 2017) the time to get inquiries deleted takes 6-12 weeks.

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