Overcoming Your Fear of Running a Business

October is a month full of scary things, so it only makes sense for us to tackle some of those frightening topics in the business world. One of the most common is simply the fact of starting a business. More than a fear of the business itself, it is a fear of failure. 

If fear of failure is what is preventing you from starting a small business, you have to get around it and forge ahead. Breaking your paralysis and getting past being scared of failure is as simple as these two concepts: Preparing to succeed, and changing your attitude towards failure.

Prepare to Succeed

The first thing you need to learn is how to succeed. You already know how to fail. You can fail simply by doing nothing or you can fail by doing stupid things. But how do you succeed? By finding out exactly what you would need to be successful and ensuring that those needs are met. Arming yourself with knowledge is the path to success.

For instance, suppose that you want to start a small business selling herbal soaps and bath products. For this business to be successful, you need to have essentially four things:

  • Potential Customers / People with enough interest in your product or service 
  • Competitive quality and pricing
  • A way to bring the product and people together
  • A compelling factor

The best way to figure out how to meet these needs is to work through a Business Plan. Creating a business plan will fill in the gaps in your knowledge and provide the details of how you’re going to do what needs to be done to start and run a particular small business successfully. Your business plan will be your blueprint for success.

Change Your Attitude Towards Failure

Why are you specifically scared to start your own business? Most people fear failure because they think that people will look down on them or that they could lose all their money or possessions. 

Failure Is Not Life Threatening

As for losing all your money and/or possessions if your new business fails, it’s not very likely. You can structure your business in such a way as to limit your liability by incorporating or by forming a partnership. Even if you do structure your business as a sole proprietorship and end up filing for personal bankruptcy, some of your property will be exempt from seizure.

So you won’t lose all your money or possessions, even if your business does go belly-up. How important is the amount that you might lose? That’s a matter of perspective. Money is never as important as your health, for instance, or the health and well-being of your loved ones.

The point is that failure can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, but is not life-threatening. Failure is always an opportunity of one kind or another – an opportunity to stretch beyond our usual boundaries, to learn something valuable, or to make previously undreamed-of connections. Remembering this positive face of failure and focusing on it will go a long way towards changing your attitude about it.

Starting and running your own small business could be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. Don’t let your fear of failure make you miss out. Once you build on enough successes, you will tame your fears. Why not start now?

Ready to Tame Your Fears and Start a Business?

Businesses are always evolving, and keeping an eye on the trends is one of the best ways to make sure to take advantage of the trends that are relevant to your industry. If you haven’t already started a business, maybe one of these trends will inspire you to create an entire new business.

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