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If you have ever seen the movie, “I Love You Man”, then you have seen a great example of how investing in marketing can achieve a great edge on the competition to stand out. For those who haven’t seen the film, the character Peter Klaven is a Real Estate Agent who is entrusted with selling the gigantic estate of actor Lou Ferrigno (A.k.a. The Hulk). He runs up against an array of challenges and faces the anger of Lou for not getting a single bite on the famous property. However, Peter’s best friend Sidney Fife secretly invests $8000 in innovative billboards over high-traffic areas, featuring Peter as characters such as James Bond and a Leprechaun with hilarious quotes that insinuate that he can sell any property. Although Peter is initially peeved at this venture, he starts to embrace the bold move once he beings receiving endless calls from people who were captured by his unique advertisements.  

Granted, you don’t have necessarily have to invest $8,000 in creative billboard ads to get your name out there, but maybe if you were selling a house as expensive as “The Hulk’s” it would be a worthy cause! The fact remains that whether you are selling homes or helping your clients to buy a home, it is important to get your name (and face) out there. Real Estate has become an industry that is completed saturated with new agents daily, all wanting to get in on the action. When competition is that high, you need good effective marketing to pull in the clients.

10 Types of Marketing for Real Estate Agents

It is an exciting time for marketing with all the advances in digital platforms, such as social media giants Facebook and Instagram. They all feature methods to send out paid ads at different prices depending on the audience you want to reach or the goal of your campaigns. Tackling these tactics yourself is a brave endeavour when you are also running a business, so many self-employed professionals find themselves investing in Marketing Professionals to help get the job done, and get it done right. Whether you are working with a Marketing Company or following more of a DYI approach, here are a few of our favorite ideas for creating attention-grabbing marketing campaigns.

1. Zillow

There are many different platforms you can utilize to market a property now-a-days, and many agents will end up spreading their budget over several of these. If you are limited on funds, the best method is to pick one of the top platforms and invest in that one. Most people searching for homes will stick to a favorite platform, and Zillow is currently one of the top sites for home-buyers to search with over 160 million visitors per month.

2. New Logo

Logos are one of the first and most important branding elements that anyone in business should have. Do the research to see what stands out the most, what echos your business personality, and communicates the most important message to your target audience. Hiring a professional designer will ensure that you are getting a quality logo that will represent you in the most dynamic way possible.

3. Live Steam

A free (yet slightly time-consuming) way to build a rapport with your audience and give them a unique and inside look is by using Live Stream. Many platforms have this option today, but we suggest using Facebook (and maybe Instagram). Facebook is favored because it will archive the video for those who were too late to watch in the moment. Live Streams are a great way to give a tour of a home, speak with other professionals, and even to showcase testimonials from clients who were ecstatic to work with you.

4. Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Ads created and promoted through these platforms have the ability to seek out your target audience specifically. Even with a smaller budget, you can push ads outside your existing followers to reach a wide span of targeted audience. While Facebook can work to publish ads on both itself and Instagram, we have found that using Instagram alone works wonders, as it is a visual platform. They key to effective marketing through these platforms is to create eye-catching ads which may require the assistance of a Professional Marketing Company, Photographer and Graphic Designer – for best results.

5. Proper Photos

Nothing says amateur like grainy, dark, ill-composed photos of your property. Photos of your listing are going to communicate how professional you are, and are a tool to showcase the gem that you are marketing. Professional Real Estate Photographers are incredibly valuable to market your property, and is an investment that is worth every penny.

6. Learn Lead Generation

There are many ways to use Lead Generation, both paid and free. Discover some of the methods that top agents are using and try them out for yourself! We found a great list, which you can search through right here.

7. Google AdWords

You probably aren’t a stranger to what Google AdWords is and what it does. This method in bidding on keywords does require a lot more research and is best done with the assistance of a Marketing Professional, but it can garner highly effective results. How you build your campaign requires trial and error (as most marketing methods do), and depends greatly upon your area and competition. However, when utilized properly is one of the greatest marketing resources for coming up in relevant searches.

8. Email Marketing

Learn the art of perfecting a drip campaign with email marketing with this guide. Email Marketing is essentially using a set message to send out to your mailing list – a vital component of any business. Should you rent a mailing list or buy one? The guide will give you an in-depth look at the pros and cons of both, so you can make the best decision for your business.

9. Direct Mail

Who says that physical mail is a thing of the past? Put those beautiful properties onto postcards to send out, both raising brand awareness and inspiring interest in the most coveted properties. The top successful Real Estate Companies do it, and you should too.

10. Promo Items

Keychains, pens, and even bottle openers are easy to give out and people will use them. Get your name, logo and slogan on these types of items, and you’ll quickly realize how much easier it is to give them out than even a business card. Think about how many business cards you receive but then never look at again. Then think of how often you would use one of those promo items, something that will repeat your name and communicate your message over and over again! Staying present in someone’s mind is the best way to ensure that they will think of you when they need your service!

Business Loans

Whatever methods you pursue in the name of brand awareness and marketing, one thing is for sure – you will need to make an investment. When creating business plans and listing out the start-up costs, many new business owners forget to include the vital component of marketing. For this reason, Start-Up Loans and Small Business Loans are incredibly important for helping you to set yourself and your business up properly and get all the eyes you need to create new clients. Don’t overlook this necessary expense when planning out your new business!


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