Success in 2020; Investing in Your Business

You’ve heard of those business owners who save the first dollar they ever received from their first sale? Why do you think it is that this has been a common practice among business owners? It’s because it serves as a symbol for the difficulty and pure joy that comes from building a business. But, after you earn that first dollar, what next? Where does that money go? We firmly believe that investing back into your business is the best strategy to grow quickly and steadily. You may be wondering how you could make this happen, so we have a few tips and suggestions.

1. Business improvement

Most startups spend their initial profits in reinvesting, and your company should be no exception. The key to reinvesting is to have a sound strategy, not to necessarily devote a certain percentage of your profits. Your reinvestment efforts should be in line with your current strategic plan.

Most business owners choose to reinvest their profits in business improvements – for example, infrastructure, equipment, streamlining business processes, or finding ways to improve the customer experience. These are all valuable strategies because they can increase your profits in the long run, allowing you to expand business operations.

1. Develop Your Marketing

You have this amazing product or service that your business offers, but how can anyone know about it if you are not putting it out there? Marketing is the art of putting your products and services out into the world, in front of the eyes that need it most. Marketing is always a smart investment of profit, when it’s done well. Many of the startups we’ve seen over the years wait several months before they do any real investment into marketing. Sometimes it’s because they just don’t know where to start. You can’t lose by investing in performance metrics. Always keep track of your campaigns and adjust them accordingly. If you have little experience with marketing, consider outsourcing to an agency.

2. Evolving Your Team

Maybe you’re starting off as a 1 Man/Woman Army, trying to get everything done yourself. If it hasn’t happened already, you will run into tasks that eat up your time and mental wellbeing, things that could be handled by hiring staff. This is a fantastic use of your funds. If you already have a team in place, consider how you can reward and motivate them. Your team helps to carry the productivity along and work towards success, so you want to make sure they feel valued. Incentives for hard work, team building activities, special lunches and coaching are great uses of your investment funds. The better your team is prepared and motivated, the faster your business will reach success!

3. Improve Your Business Savvy

Find ways that you can improve yourself in subject matter expertise. For example, many startups are spearheaded by people with a good eye for innovation but who don’t necessarily know how to manage people. This is actually one of the most common criticisms founders face. Classes on management or basic business operations can be invaluable for people who don’t come from a formal business background. If you feel that you already have a pretty good business management education, think outside the box and learn about your industry. Data keeps on coming in, so why not try your best to stay on top of if?

4. Creating a Cash Buffer

New businesses especially forget to create a buffer. With all the excitement and expense of starting a new business, it just gets lost in the shuffle. While reinvesting in your business is great (and necessary), make sure you’re sitting on enough cash to handle problems that may arise. While your business insurance policies will cover the disasters and catastrophes, it’s always advisable to have liquidity available for when you really need it.

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