Success in 2020; Marketing Strategy

So it’s the New Year and time to kick it into high gear! When it comes to the success of your business, your marketing really impacts the movement of your products or services. It’s all wonderful and great if you have something worth promoting – perhaps the best thing out there – but it won’t matter at all if no one knows about it! Investing in your marketing strategy makes all the difference. How was your strategy last year? Did you have a strategy in place? It’s never too late to begin, and your business will thank you for it. So where to begin? We have a few tips to help you know what efforts your marketing dollars should be focusing on. Don’t have any marketing dollars? Oh, why we can certainly help you out there!


Who are you as a business? What is your voice, feel, vibe? What are your values, your mission? At the very least, do you have a logo? To use a great designer with imagination and skill, it could cost a pretty little penny to get your business an entire “branding suite”, but we can promise that it’s well worth the pricetag. Your branding determines the initial perception that your audience has about your business. It communicates so many things, most of which is how professional you are. If a potential customer or client sees a sloppy, old, outdated logo, that’s the perception they will have about your business – sloppy, old and outdated. Your branding gives you a certain amount of control over the first opinion someone has about your business, so take charge and invest in good branding. 

Social Media

At this point in the game, if your business isn’t on social media – shame on you! There are an extremely extremely limited amount of industries that are the exception to this rule, and we would wager to guess that you aren’t one of them. That being the case, getting the basics of your business onto social media is not a matter of dollars spent, just time. Depending on your business, some social media platforms may be a better fit for you than others, so do your research. It’s not even a matter of being on all the platforms, just the select few that will most likely benefit your business. This is a great example of where your branding investment will come into play. The goal is to use your branding suite across all social media platforms and your website, to maintain a professional look through consistency. If executed well, you just made your business that much more appealing. 

Videos and Photos

The next step to leveling up all of your marketing – from social media platforms, to website, to print marketing and future advertising – is getting good photos and video. We are living in a very much visual society these days. Your audience likely has a large portion with a very short attention span, and they say on average you have 3 seconds to get someone’s attention. Strong imagery is where it’s at. For some industries, they opt for stock photos, but let’s be honest – there comes a point where another business (if not many others) have the same photos as you. It’s one thousand percent more effective and personal to hire a professional photographer to photograph your business periodically, and even take video. Whether it’s product photos, location or business facility images, or staff and customer interactions, there are unlimited amounts of opportunities to capture the essence of your business through good solid photographs. 


Once you have all the previous marketing investments in place, all those pieces lay a strong foundation for your paid-ads. Many people don’t think about the cost of paid ads when they sign up with a marketing company. Most often, there is not a built-in budget, and the ad budget is determined by the client after consultation with the marketing company. While a proper ad budget can cost you, it’s one of the greatest utilizations of your marketing budget. When ads have the right amount of backing, magic happens. 

While these are just a few pillars of your marketing strategy, there are so many other elements to evolve and elevate your business – it all comes down to budget. However, marketing is one of those vitals parts of your business that you can’t afford to skip. Fortunately, we can help you invest into your marketing by assisting in getting you the funds you need!

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