What Can You Use a Merchant Cash Advance For?

Debt doesn’t have to be a scary word, especially in the business world. Although you need to be mindful not to carry too much debt, borrowing money can also help your business succeed. Here are a few ways you can use an MCA to meet your current business needs or expand your operations.

Inventory Needs

As a business, you need products to make sales. Buying inventory in bulk can save you money through discounts, but it can use up most of your capital. Instead of depleting your cash reserve, you can use an MCA to stock up, update your product lines, and meet customer demand.

Unexpected Costs

When emergencies and unanticipated expenses arise, they can wreak havoc on a business’s cash flow. An MCA offers a way for your company to access cash quickly. It’s an excellent option for short-term relief so you can take care of your needs promptly.

Pandemic Assistance

Short-term relief has been essential for business owners during COVID19. Some business owners have had to buy expensive PPE to keep staff safe, while others have experienced a change in revenue. If you’re experiencing hiccups in your business cycle due to coronavirus, you may be eligible for a pandemic loan.

Making Payroll

Finding the right talent is half the battle of running a successful company. Having to let staff go prematurely can hurt a business’s bottom line. Financing helps owners avoid unnecessary layoffs and furloughs.

Purchasing and Renting Equipment

Getting equipment can be expensive. To avoid eating up cash reserves, owners have the option of financing their purchase rather than buying machinery out-right. Using a merchant loan can help you avoid tapping out your cash buffer. That way, you still have a financial safeguard for the ups and downs that come with running a business.

Commercial Rent

Maintaining a physical store location often comes with a whole slew of additional fees and expenses. When revenue temporarily dips, additional funds can help you make rent on time.

Operational Costs

Working capital refers to everyday business operating expenses, such as rent, wages, and utilities. An MCA can help you catch up on temporary cash flow gaps so you can pay your rent and bills on time to avoid late fees or have enough money to pay your employees.

Growth and Expansion

You can also use borrowed funds to grow and expand your business. Whether you need to purchase equipment or hire new staff members, you can use an MCA to make it happen. Invest in your business and stay ahead of the competition.


Sometimes, owners run into the issue of owing more than expected come tax season. When in a bind, MCAs are a good option for bridging short-term cash flow gaps. Instead of using your nest egg to pay the IRS, you can repay owed funds with a portion of your future sales.

Onboarding Employees

Bringing new staff members on is no cheap feat. Business cash advances can be used for training hires and securing top talent. Investing in the right employees can help small businesses achieve larger initiatives.

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